“I am the right person to lead the team”

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December 2, 2015
Partners and Sprints and Arms, Oh My!
December 2, 2015

“I am the right person to lead the team”

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Last month, 18 brainy Metro FiA’s knocked out The Confidence Code.  Lively discussion as always!  We debated male vs. female confidence – is there a difference?  We debated birth order as a differentiator for confidence levels.  We debated genetic vs. environmental influences.  We respectfully agreed to disagree on lots of points.  And we shared some words of wisdom and gave opinions as to how to handle different situations.

It was an eye-opening and enjoyable evening.  Heck, we could’ve read the phone book and had fun with this crew, but I really believe most of us walked away with a deeper connection with the 18 ladies who posted as well as some personal to-dos and soul searching.

One of our FiA attendees put our chatter into action.  I want to share her success (anonymously):


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“Just wanted to thank each of you for the support I felt from each of you today (whether you knew it or not!) going into the biggest proposal opportunity of my career:

  • FiA #1 – thank you for your sweet text today.  It perfectly framed my mindset and made for a great start to my day.
  • FiA #2 – thank you for introducing me to The Confidence Code.  Along with your advice to speak within the first few minutes of a meeting, I focused on several messages within the book as I mentally prepared for the presentation.
  • FiA #3 – thank you for telling me straight up that I had every right to be in that presentation!  Your comment slapped me in the face and reminded me exactly why I am the right person to lead the team.

For what it’s worth, I think we nailed it, and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable and confident thanks to you ladies!”




Sure, we could have read that book on our own.  A few of us would have thrown it into the trash after 30 pages.   A few would have hyped it on our personal Facebook pages.  And a few of us would have owed some library late fees after never cracking it open.  But 18 of us came together.  And then some of those 18 chatted about it on a Which Way McManaway run with FiAs who weren’t there.  Some of those 18 told our non-FiA friends waiting at the school bus stop.  Some of those 18 told our sisters about our discussion.  Some of those 18 changed the words we use and the ways we interact with our daughters and sons.  And I know definitively that one of those 18 FiAs spoke up in a pivotal client meeting and changed the course of her day – and maybe her year.

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  1. Sapphire says:

    I love the different perspective each and every woman in FiA brings to the table and that FiA has given so many women the courage to use the voice God gave them.

  2. Stairmaster says:

    The voice God gave them – I love that Sapphire. We’re so blessed to be part of a group that encourages, empowers, and continually lifts up women. Such a positive group!

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