Let’s Get Sideways at The Filling Station
March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Hump Day and Infographs

  • When: 03/07/2018
  • Q: Flying Pig
  • Pax: Lighthouse, CWR, Streaker, Cabbie, Cowbell, Lederhosen, Flying Pig

When I signed up to Q on Monday, it did not occur to me that I was already signed up to Q on Wednesday. So, I recycled Monday’s workout since it was a different Pax of ladies. (Easy to Q when you can copy other people’s workouts, or even your own!)


Warmup- 10 slow butt kickers, 20 fast butt kickers, 10 cherry pickers

Jog to wall lot

Wall sit 70

Ladder 50,40,30,20,10
50 Mountain Climbers
40 jumping jacks
30 triceps dips
20 push ups
10 jump lunges

Jog to little caesars lot

50 planks (this turned into a 70 second plank per CWR’s request)
40 high knees
30 LBC
20 Squats
10 burpees

Jog to gun lot

50 plank jacks
40 flutter kicks
30 Carolina Dry Docks
20 skaters
10 boat canoe

Jog to chain lot

50 overhead claps
(10 shoulder rolls forward and back)
40 second jog in place
30 Russian twists
20 side planks
10 squats with calf raises

Jog back to parking lot taking the scenic route around the park.

10 Raggedy Ann’s on each side


So I decided to do the wall sit first thing in the workout because as the times get longer, the shakier my legs get. I figure it would be easier to do them before we did burpees, squats, high knees, etc. While doing the wall sits, we talked about form. If your knees bother you, push your feet out a bit, and make sure your back is pushing against the wall. I told the group that I would post some infographs on wall sits, and then we vowed to start using the word “infographs” more often in everyday conversation.

As if we didn’t already know that CWR is a bada$$, she is doing the wall sit challenge, and doing a plank for the same amount of time as the wall sit everyday. Per her request, we turned our 60 second plank to a 70 second plank and she met her daily goal.

Cowbell gave us a nice history lesson on the windows of the Springs Global headquarters building and how they are configured to be similar to the Zeppelin which Anne Springs Close rode in when she was a little girl. You never know what you may learn at a FiA workout. Thanks ladies for the great workout and friendship!

Flying Pig

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