Sweaty Ring of Fire
June 20, 2018
Louise PB
June 20, 2018

  • When: 06/20/2018
  • Q: Kimpossible/Stowaway
  • Pax: SPF, Wildcat, Quicksilver, Triplecrown, Sports Authority, Cakeboss, Tracy-Cricut
  • Terrific turnout on this humid June morning!!

We warmed up and ran the “drill bits” around the park stopping at each one with a HIIT  set and then running to the next. The 40 second exercise sets included:

set 1:

burpees,tricep dips, sumo squats, plank


side to side jumps, push-ups, air squats, inverted plank

set 3:

froggers, uppercuts, curtsy lunges, plank jacks


jump squats, punches, squat pulses, shoulder taps

set 5:

knee knee foot foot, Carolina dry docks, side lunges, mountain climbers

Ab set:

dead bugs, side plank crunches, flutter kicks, scissor kicks, glute bridge leg raises, leg pull-ins, bicycles, windshield wipers

We named a FNG 👏🏻 Welcome Cricut!!

Super to workout with you ladies!



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