Triple A ~ Arms Abs and A$$!!
June 29, 2018
Feel the drip!!
June 29, 2018

Hot and Humid Friday

  • When: 06/29/2018
  • Q: Megaphone
  • Pax: O'shay, Cowbell, War Eagle, Rally Cat

Today we had a great workout! We even got our mile in for the June Streaker Challenge.. we ran to “the place we will not name” and back and then completed one ladder workout and 2 timed workouts. It was hot, humid and hard to breath… but fia workouts never disappoint! Yes, it feels good to workout but it feels even better to have such wonderful ladies to do life with!! We are so lucky.

We warmed up with Cherry Pickers, Slow Butt Kickers, and Arm Circles. We finished the warm up with a 1 mile run down the hill to the _____ and back.

Next, we did one ladder as follows:

50 squat jumps

1 burpee

40 flutter kicks

Then.. we completed a circuit with each exercise at 30 seconds and we went through it 2x.

  • plie squat with bicep curl
  • curl to press
  • curtsy lunge with side leg lift (same side first time through, other side 2nd time)
  • row to tricep extension
  • reverse lunge kick- same side each time through
  • dead lift with a row

Then, we completed an ab circuit with weights. Each exercise was 30 seconds and we wen through it 2x.

  • push throughs with weights
  • full body sit up
  • russian twist
  • leg lift toe touch
  • weighted side plank with dip
  • mountain climbers
  • plank

Finally, we ended the workout with name o’rama and praying for the safety of those traveling… including our fearless leader! Until next time….

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