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FiA is Females In Action | September 24, 2017

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Hot 40:20’s at The Corner Aiken FiA

Claire Wills

  • When: 08/15/2017

  • Q: Beaker

  • Pax: Beaker, FNG – Tory (Little Spiker), Vino, House Guest, Walkie Talkie, First Mate, South Paw, Dog Whisperer, Trauma Mama, Night Owl, Big Red, Runway, FNG – Liz Cox (Jersey), Holla Dolla

14 PAX including 2 FNG’s survived the humid night.


Warm up

Circled Up for 40:20’s.  Each exercise was done for 1 minute.  The first 40 seconds of the minute each person performed the exercise at their own pace.  For the last 20 seconds of each we bumped it up a level.

  • 40 sec High knees      20 sec Run in place
  • 40 sec  Pushups           20 sec Diamond pushups
  • 40 sec Heel Touches   20 sec  Deeper heel touches
  • 40 sec  Rt Leg Front Lunges  20 sec rt leg lunge hold
  • 40 sec  Lt Leg Front Lunges   20 sec lt leg lunge hold
  • 40 sec Plank    20 sec Shoulder Taps
  • 60 sec Rt Leg Fire Hydrant
  • 60 sec Lt Leg Fire Hydrant
  • 40 sec Jumping Jacks  20 sec break
  • 40 sec Bicycle Crunches         20 sec Windshield Wipers
  • 40 sec rt leg donkey kicks       20 sec higher rt donkey kick with pulse
  • 40 sec lt leg donkey kicks       20 sec higher lt donkey kick with pulse
  • 40 sec jabs       20 sec speed jabs
  • 40 sec Bridge  20 sec Bridge Hold and Squeeze
  • 40 sec Monkey Humpers        20 sec break


We repeated this and then did 3 Surrenders.  Then we finished with good ol’Sally leg lifts while lying on our backs. #thecorner #aikenfia


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