December 28, 2017
Thelma backblast
December 28, 2017


  • When: 12/27/2017
  • Q: Footloose
  • Pax: Pineapple, Eclipse, S'mores, BoT, Benjamin Button, Betsy Ross, Pocahontas

It was a chilly morning with a unicorn sighting (Pineapple), so after a short warm up, we got to work.  This is a great workout for the hips/hamstrings/glutes – all the things runners need to build, and might count for your PT homework!

3x through this circuit – Weighted sumo deadlifts x12; Walking lunges x20 total (10/leg); Single leg deadlifts x12/side; Rolling plank x14/side; Single leg glute bridge x12/side;  Fire hydrant x15/side;  donkey kicks x15/side.

We followed that with some ab work – 30x/each – LBCs, Big Girl Sit Ups, Leg Lifts, Ankle Biters, Russian Twists, and Rowboats.

I’m definitely feeling this one today!

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