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June 28, 2017
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June 29, 2017

Hills and Thrills

  • When: 06/29/2017
  • Q: Yogi
  • Pax: Whip, BadA$$, Honeydew, Snarky, Blender, Bulldawg, Scoot, Puke and Rally, Bob Jovi, Yogi

Despite fair warning, 10 pax converged for a hill run early this morning. We followed an abbreviated version of the Twin City Track Club’s hill loop.

After a .75 mile warmup to the base of Buena Vista, and some Imperial Storm Troopers & Overhead Claps, we were ready to take on some hills

Hill 1: Run up Buena Vista to Stratford. Hold a squat until everyone arrives and then 10 squats together. Buttkickers across Stratford to Arbor

Hill 2: Run low grade hill up Arbor to Greenbrier. Raggedy Annes until everyone arrives and then 10 together. Walking lunges en route to Roslyn Rd

Hill 3: Run up Roslyn Rd to Forest. Choose favorite exercise until everyone gets there then 10 Toy Soldiers together.

Hill 4: Turn right on Forest and run almost to Westview. Surprise! There’s cold water waiting for us! Side shuffles in both directions en route to Club Park.

Hill 5: Turn left on Club Park for a short but steep hill. Then a right onto a torn-up Pine Valley for some trail running. Run to the bottom. Exercise of choice until everyone arrives and 10 push-ups together.

Hill 6: Run back up Pine Valley to Club Park.

Hill 7: Right on Forest back to the water station.

Hill 8: Time is ticking, so we start heading back. Take Forest to Arbor. Thankfully the remainder is mostly downhill (what goes up must go down).

Arbor to Georgia to Springdale to Runnymeade to Hawthorne and one final hill on Glade to finish our Loop. We hit an ambitious 6 miles,  and we’ll happpily take 60 degrees with a slight breeze every Thursday morning please!

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