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June 3, 2017
We are an inspiration to each other…
June 3, 2017

High School Reunion (Waxhaw Backblast)

  • When: 06/03/2017
  • Q: Chickpea
  • Pax: Bullseye, Ricotta, Kai Lan, Serena, Pulse, Frenchie, Havarti, Captiva, Chickpea

It was a very warm morning, partly due to the heat, partly due to the hard working ladies that challenged themselves and each other!

A special thanks to the Charlotte-Metro crew that came out to support Waxhaw!

Warm up
Arm circles, front/back, 5 each
Walk out planks, 5
Cherry pickers, 10

Jog to high school football field

Run bleachers, 5 minutes

Side slides, 1 lap alternating sides
Traveling lunge w/leg lift, 1/2 lap
High knees, 1/2 lap
Defensive slides, alternating sides, 1/2 lap
Sprint 1/2 lap
*Squats b/t laps waiting on PAX

Jog to opposite side of field up stairs

Count off 1s/2s
1s bear crawl up ramp, jog back down
2s tricep dips
Switch players
Plank while waiting on PAX

Jog to ramp and up stairs by tennis court,
Plank shoulder taps while waiting on PAX

Circuit, 1 minute each
Mountain climbers
Monkey humpers
Angry donkey kicks w/ heel click, jump w/heel click
Wall sit

Jog to front of school

Plank dips, 20
Plank rock front/back, 20
Plank up/down, 21

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