Get a Grip!
September 13, 2017
Comet Backblast- Track time!
September 13, 2017

Hello….my name is

  • When: 09/13/2017
  • Q: Lady Liberty
  • Pax: TSquared(Co Q), Nomad, Varsity, Mama Bear, Dolphin, Cupcake, Julliard, Peaches, April (Native). Diego, Soto, Care Bear, Kitchenette, Herb Attack, Passport, Jewels, Mona Lisa, Squid, Razorback, Seoul, Princess, REI, Gi Jane

I couldn’t think of a better way to start a Wednesday than committing to work out with 23 other women.


WARM-UP: jog to Boone St (AKA Tombstone Hill)

THE THANG: Spell out your first and last name. Run up Tombstone Hill and back down completing the exercise that corresponds to the letter.  Rinse and repeat until your name is spelled.  If time allows spell out your FiA name.  (Encouraged one another through the work out).
A: 50 jumping jacks.       N: 50 jumping jacks   
B: 25 sit ups.                O: 25 sit ups
C: 30 squats.                P: 20th push ups
D: 15 push ups.            Q: 35 squats
E: 10 burpees.             R: 15 burpees
F: 25 squat jumps.        S: 15 tricep dips
H: 15 sit ups.              T: 25 plank jacks
I: 20 squat pulses.       U: 50 sit ups
J: 20 burpees.            V: 40 high knees
K: 20 triceps dips.       W: 20 push ups
L: 40 jumping jacks.     X: 30 squat pulses
M: 20 plank jacks.       Y: 15 sit ups
                              Z: 25 squat jumps

COOL DOWN: Walk back to amphitheater. 

COUNT-A-RAMA: 24 PAX total


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Last day to take up Harvey donations Saturday September 16th.  Goliath of the Gorge sign up dead line September 23.  Spruce Pine will be leading us this Saturday and will answering questions about Q school. 

COT: If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31
Prayer for the remainder of the week-
As I stand in prayer with every lady here, we are all going through something in our life. And we know that without You God, nothing is impossible to face. God, I ask that You let them know that You are with them and for them.  God, also let them know comforting them and guiding them through this life.  Amen.


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