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June 26, 2018
HIIT the Wall
June 26, 2018

Gotta love that hill!

  • When: 06/25/2018
  • Q: Fullback
  • Pax: Pandora,Mary Lou and Beam(double respect), Chill, Peachtree, Short Stick, Dipstick(FNG Caroline), Miller, Dabbler(FNG Janine) ,Pan-Am

Thank you to the 9 ladies who came out for my first Q. With a new location, I wasn’t sure this was going to work. ( I guess I should have scouted the hill prior).  Luckily, the hill was as long as I recalled and the picnic tables were at the right location for us to do what I had planned.


20 Jumping Jacks  IC

20 High Knees IC

20 Butt Kickers IC

5 Inchworms ( down for 4, hold plank for 4, back up for 4)

Jog over to the hill.


The Thang:

Top of hill –  10  Straight leg tricep Dips on Bench

Run to bottom of hill

Bottom of Hill – 10 Burpees

Run to top of hill

Repeat doing 15 dips/burpees but this time Walking Lunges up  hill ( Yes thats over 100 lunges!)

Repeat doing 20 dips/burpees – run backwards up hill

So much fun so lets do it again! This time with Pushups( on bench or ground) at top and Gorilla squats on bottom( make sure you touch the ground!).  Time was cut short so we just got to do 10 and 15 of each and lunges were replaced by ladies choice since they took too long!

Run back to parking lot for Up and Down Escalator Abs.

10 Straight Leg Reverse Crunches ( slowly lower legs to 6 inches above ground and repeat)

20 Scissor kicks IC  ( going up for 4 and down for 4)

30 Hip Dips ( 15 on each side)

40 Flutter kicks IC

50 Bicycles

60 Second Plank

Now back down!

50 Bicycles, 40 Flutter kicks, 30 Hip Dips, 20 Scissor Kicks, 10 Straight Leg Reverse Crunches


Remember never miss a Monday workout!!    It will keep you motivated for the rest of the week. If you need motivation, we are all here to help each other out and get us off the couch.  Have confidence in yourself that you can do anything you set your mind too. Never give up!

See you next Monday!




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