BB 4 Corner Circuits
March 3, 2018
March 3, 2018

Go Cold or Go Home


  • When: 03/03/2018
  • Q: Sisqo
  • Pax: Cheese it, Click, Cool Runnings, Cora-belle, Creole, Digger, Dorothy, Glowworm, Homes, Joker, Lady A, Lemons, LGS, Maddog, Marvel, Pickel, Ricatta, Sisqo, Stitches, The Fed, Transfusion, Treble, Wimbeldon FNGs Genevieve Cody, Rachel Vanbree, Stefanie Shea, Heather O'Mara, Hilary Delaney

Sun was shining with a windy 35 degrees but 31 PAX showed up including 5 new FNGS!!!!

  • Disclaimer, I am not a professional please modify these exercises, do your own workout and listen to your body.
  • 5 min warm up stretch went like this, Toe Touches (IC)10x, Leg Touches (IC)10x, Hip Openers (IC)10x, Inchworm Push-ups(IC)10x, Up and Downs (IC) 10x Inchworm Spider (IC)10x,
  • 5 min warm up lap around the sports complex, plank or sumo squat until the last FIA is done( NO FIA LEFT BEHIND).
  • Partner Hill and Burpee one partner runs up the steep hill gets to the top does 10 star jumps then runs down, other partner is doing 10 burpees. Repeat3x
  • Partner Squats hold each others hands in a criss cross squat done then jump up and clap hands 20x
  • Partner Lunges hold hands criss cross lunge ride side meet middle lunge left side 20x
  • Partner Pop Jacks squat position  turn to right back to middle then left side 20x
  • Partner tricep dips on a bench other partner holds legs in a squat 15x
  • Parking lot sprints and jump squats with partner4x
  • Tennis courts: frogs to 1st court, inchworm to 2nd court, monster walk to 3rd court and repeat back
  • Ride side shuffle 1st, left side shuffle 2nd, standing mountain climbers 3rd and repeat back
  • Bear crawls to 1st, crab walks to 2nd, and duck walks to 3rd and repeat back
  • Abs: Scissors 20x Bicycles 20x crunches 20x leg lowers 20x side to side 20x airplane 20x legs up 20x shoulder taps 25x


   This workout hit home today more because my mom is here visiting from California so I don’t get her all the time. I wish I could workout and play pickelball with you everyday but such is life. I’ve been extremely fortunate to grow up in a very athletic family unfortunately it wasn’t until recently that i got in shape. Now I understand why they’ve always been exercising. It’ll come at your own time your own way. “Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”- Thomas Edison

Lets Finish this workout being kind, and considerate of others, please laugh at everything and for me FIA is not only Females In Action but also stands for Friendly In Action.


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