Pre Blast for our winter solstice workout 12-21-17
December 20, 2017
It’s almost Christmas
December 20, 2017

Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

  • When: 12/20/2017
  • Q: Holy Toledo
  • Pax: Worthy, Dewey, Jack, Wings, Java, Lucky, Double Shot, Swank, Cupid, Taz, Maize, Tree Hugger, Sunrise, Nurse Ratchet, Nomad, Spring, Chick-fil-A, Potts and a big welcome to our FNG's (RICE- Alisha Bruhl and Crunch- Denise Monaghan).

21 Paxs, 2 FNGs climbed ladders and jumped cones this early morning!!

Two Lines- One Lap- Tip Toes, imperial walkers, high knees, butt kickers- jog it in.

Count off by 3’s for Ladders (1/2 Jacks, Boxer Shuffle, Jump rope while waiting, go when group member is 1/2 way)
· 1 foot Run x3
· 2 foot Run x3
· Tap Foot on outside x3 each side
· Skiers x3
· Lateral in and out x3
· High Knees x3
· 2 Forward 1 Back x3

Partner Up and Get 6 Cones
(2 Cones)
Place cones 10 yards apart
1) Run Forwards, Sprint Backwards x10
2) Side Shuffle x10
3) Sprint Forward, jump stop, Forward x10
4) Shuffle Side to Side with a Burpee
5) Bear Crawl, Plank Jack, Backward Burpee x10

Push 6 Cones Together (1 foot apart each)
1) Quick Shuffle (x5)
2) Jumping jack thru cones (x5)
3) R Foot Hop, L Foot Hop (x6)

At Curb- 10 stationary skips Left Leg, 10 stationary Skips R Leg, Feet in neutral Position 20 Calf Raises
Repeat Skips, Repeat 20 Calf Raises Toes Pointed Out; Repeat skips again, 20
Calf raised with Toes Pointed In.

Wide Circle (no I said wide) 😂- Spread Out! Thank you Taz for calling out each exercise! (bear crawl to bump next pax member) while waiting for pax members to get around the circle, we completed plank jacks, squats, burpees, jumping jacks, high knees and 😬star jumps (Nurse Ratchet made me do it)!

Each pax member grab 6 cones and place them in a semi circle –
1) Lunge to Each Cone (each leg x2)
2) Hold Plank and Reach and Touch cones with both hands

Close Circle of cones around your feet-
1) Balance on one foot and Touch cones with opposite foot in a circle, both right and left.
2) Balance on one foot and touch cones with opposite hand, both right and left.

Thank You for getting “uncomrtable” with me this morning, I hope to see you all Friday For Ugly Sweater day (or just dress like Christmas) at 5:30am at the Colosseum!

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