Getting out in the cold to play a game of Black Jack

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January 8, 2018
DORA – a 2 woman show!
January 8, 2018

Getting out in the cold to play a game of Black Jack

  • When: 01/08/2018
  • Q: Bling
  • Pax: Tigress, Otis, Bracket, Flossy, Batter Up, Speedy, Hershey

Conditions: A frigid 21 degrees, clear skies.

Warm Up:

20 Butt Kickers IC

20 TTT

10 burpees

That Thang:

We played a little game of Black Jack:

Run up the stairs, do 20 scissor lunges

Run down the stairs, 1 jump squat

Up the stairs, 19 scissor lunges

Down the stairs, 2 jump squats

We continued doing this until we were down to 1 scissor lunge and 20 jump squats, with the sum of exercises being 21 each round.

Planked until everyone finished

After that we circled up with our mats and did the following;

20 Push ups

20 mountain climbers IC

20 Plank jacks

20 Star Jumps

20 donkey kicks – each leg, holding and then pulsing after 20

20 baby crunches

20 Russian Twists IC

15 bicycles IC

Devotion: I told the ladies that yesterday I started as mentor for confirmation for my third year.  There is a young lady in my group who is “on the fence” about believing in Jesus.  We started our first session of confirmation talking about how we have to have an open mind and open heart in order to grow as a person. If you are willing to be open to listening to God, open to learning new things, open to accepting what God has to offer, you will grow as a person as well as in your faith journey.

Prayer requests: Changes taking place in Speedy’s life; adjustments for her children etc. Also, pray for Otis as she continues to grieve for the loss of her Mom.


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