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January 11, 2018
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January 11, 2018

Genesis Backblast – Native’s Archives

  • When: 01/11/2018
  • Q: Native
  • Pax: Hoops, Atomic, Sensei and Native

3 PAX joined me this morning and I recycled a workout and modified to get in our 50 burpees.  I laughed that we had half the people that we had last week and it was 25 degrees warmer.  We missed you ladies, I had a plan for those doing 30 burpees.

Warm up: 10 Windmills IC, 10 High Knees IC, 10 Cotton pickers IC, 1 lap around the green and arm circles while I explained the workout.

The Thang: Ring of Fire

50 burpees: 2 groups – 1 groups does 10 burpees while other planks until each person does 50 burpees

100 LBCs:  sets of 10 while others held V-sit until the group gets to 100

150 Squat Pulses:  sets of 10 while others held squat  until the group gets to 150


2 Circuits with weights

3 exercises for 3 rounds: 30 seconds 1st round, 40 seconds 2nd round, and 50 seconds 3rd round

1 minute of cardio between each round

Circuit 1: Figure 8s, lateral oblique drops, tricep extensions   Cardio: jumping jacks, high knees and run a lap

Circuit 2: Kettlebell swing, Knee drivers, Squat with overhead press  Cardio: Mountain climbers, butt kickers and run a lap

We didn’t get the last lap in due to time, but did WWII sit ups until the clock struck 6:15.

We prayed for Atomic and Yo Adrian’s fathers and Hotlanta’s husband.  One of my favorite parts about FiA that we can provide additional prayers for our each other and our families, the power of prayer is unreal.

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