23+7 FNG’s = 30 STRONG
June 4, 2017
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
June 5, 2017

Fun with Toys

  • When: 06/03/2017
  • Q: Doc Solo
  • Pax: Alcatraz, SpitFire, Rogue River, Scrappy T. , Mai Tai, Rasta Boss, TBD, Icarus, Titanium, Bonsai, Lafayette, Cocoa Itza, Mercy, Sparta, Sharp Shooter

Two teams, one person starting at each station and not moving to next station until each person in the team has finished their station.


Sled pull w/25# plate

20 Deadlift with heavy kettlebell

20 Chest press with 25# plate

20 Box jumps or step ups

20 pushups

20 weighted curtsy lunges with 10 # plate

20 burpees

30 battle rope swings

Then, 2 teams of sled pull with 25/35 # and kettlebell carry relay. x 2 rounds.


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