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January 16, 2018
Become the Fire
January 16, 2018

Full Body Ignition

  • When: 01/16/2018
  • Q: Topo
  • Pax: Mrs. 3, Ketchup, Ramsey, Juicy Fruit, Primary, Dos

The usual suspects at the Filling Station met for a freezing full-body workout this morning.  20 degrees after a weekend warm up was no joke!

We started with a brief warm up:

10 IC Good Mornings, 10 IC toy soldiers, 10 IC butt kickers, 10 IC jumping jacks

The Thang:

Strength Training Nike Fit session 40 seconds of work each exercise, 10 second rest in between, rinse and repeat.

Squats, push ups, hip lifts, mountain climbers, forward lunges, plank walks, lateral lunges

Goal: proper form, deep movements to increase strength

Cardio speed work:

Suicides, shuffle down and back, suicides, grapevine down and back, suicides, suicides.

Take a walk.

1 minute Plank.

Ended with a nice stretching session.

~As much as we all dislike cardio, it feels awesome to push yourself outside of your comfort zone!

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  1. Amy Foy says:

    Great job, ladies!!!! we were freezing on the other end of town…BRRRRR

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