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December 29, 2017
Blackjack with a twist
December 30, 2017

Freezing start to the weekend

  • When: 12/30/2017
  • Q: Glenda
  • Pax: Bag of Tricks, Footloose, Goggles, Smores

None of us were particularly looking forward to a cold Saturday morning, but (with a little peer pressure) we got out of bed anyway, and it was worth it!  I went out of my comfort zone a little with this workout – on the move in Womble and my first Saturday morning (hour instead of 45 minutes).  Thanks for your patience and the laughs this morning (and no complaints about finishing a few minutes early)!  Great way to start the weekend!!  It’s been fun having Smores visit us from Newport News, and safe travels home Monday!  We’ll see you on your next holiday visit to our area!

Warmup –

Ran to the rock pile, toy soldiers, arm circles, swimmers


The Thang –

Picked out a rock and carried it overhead to our first stop at the baseball fields.

11s ladder on the fence (i.e. pull up bars).  10 pull-ups, 1 squat.  9 pull-ups, 2 squats. Etc.

Q note – frozen pull up bars probably weren’t the best choice, and perhaps these should be “retired” until the spring thaw.


Rock over head again and ran to stop number two at amphitheater.

11s ladder on the edge.  10 jump ups (or step ups), 1 tricep dip.  9 jump ups, 2 tricep dips.  Etc.


Head over to last stop at bottom of small hill by amphitheater.

11s ladder on the hill.  10 star jumps (or jumping jacks) at bottom of hill, 1 push up at top of hill.  9 star jumps, 2 push ups.  Etc.


Standing Abs – 30 of each (15 each side)

Russian Twists with rock

Canoes with rock

Wood choppers with rock

Side bends

Side crunches


Stretch, COT and returned rock back to the rock pile.





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