Jumping Jacks and Booty Burn
June 30, 2018
The Respects are the Champions
June 30, 2018


  • When: 06/30/2018
  • Q: Red Light
  • Pax: Stapler, Side Walk Chalk, Juicy Fruit, Byou, Wilma (FNG: Jennifer), Bless Her Heart, Eggy, Jolly, Love Seat, Burpee, Alamo, Scooby, Flo, Butter, Fence, Bobbin, Chatter, Mrs. 3, Scoops, Ketchup, Uhaul, Vegas, Happy Trees (FNG: Peggy), Ramsy, Dash (FNG: Lilly), Red Light

Warm-a-rama: Windmill; Back Bend: walk underneath dowel; Flings; Jogging.

The Thang: Jump Rope; Skip sideways, X-hops, Speed ladder; Twist with dowel; Plank; Ball in hands and pass to feet; Lunges with weights; Triceps; Run and hold using tube with a partner; Jumping over line; Bicep curl using rubber bands with partner.

Core: Circle Legs; Hip Roll; Legs down in 3; Stretching in child’s pose; Stretch with arms in opposite direction in a wide squat.

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