The Station Wagon
June 24, 2018
Bulgarian Bag (aka “Boyfriend”) Beatdown!
June 24, 2018

Four Corners X

  • When: 06/15/2018
  • Q: Restless
  • Pax: Restless, Love All, Fast Pass, Missionary, Goldfish, Strong, Fresh, Tipsy, Mint Julep, Washout

Each station represents a corner. After done with one station head to middle of the court and pick 2 ab exercises from the cup then move to the next station. Side shuffle to and from the center of the court.

Station 1:
Speed skaters
Push up/ half push up sequence
Pistol squat
Station 2:
Jump squat
Shoulder push-up
Plié squat/ calf raise sequence
Station 3:
High knees
Single leg Tricep dip
Lateral lunge with leg lift
Station 4:
Staggered push-ups

Cup of Abs:
Sprinter sit-up
Reverse crunch
Side v-up
Butterfly crunch
Russian twist with leg lift
Elbow plank to pike
Scissor pulse
Dead bug

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