WWM: Preblast
June 29, 2018
World Cup Fever at the Huuubbbbbbbb!!!
June 29, 2018

Four Corners Friday

  • When: 06/29/2018
  • Q: Comet
  • Pax: Skitter, Fury, Mosey, FNG Dee-Snapshot, Teacher, Tech, Joker, Salsa, Hiker, Excel, Chronicles

A great group joined me for what felt like my first Q in forever. Thanks to Tech and Colonel for stepping up and taking the last two I had scheduled where life came up. It’s great to see such a big group joining us regularly again (and so many new faces)!!

We started with a quick warm up: CAD x 10 of Jacks, Windmills, Butt Kickers, Air Presses. Then some arm & hip circles and torso twists before we ran a quick parking lot loop and got started on the main event.

The Thang:

Two rounds of Four Corners, 15 minutes each. Go around to each corner as many times as possible within the 15 minutes. Then we repeated with different exercises for round 2.

Round 1
10 Burpees
Lunge walk to next corner
20 Tricep Dips
Skip to next corner
10 Curb Squats (Each Side)
Bear crawl to next corner
10 Renegade Rows (L/R = 1)
Sprint to next corner

Round 2
40 Jumping Jacks
Squat walk to next corner
20 Skull Crushers
Grapevine to next corner
10 Hand Release Pushups
Crab walk to next corner
20 Goblet Squats w/ Heavy Dumbbell
Sprint to next corner

We made it around 2.5-3 times in each 15 minute window. Circle up for name-o-rama and a prayer from Mosey. Thanks for joining me ladies!!

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