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June 18, 2018
Makeshift Monday Q
June 18, 2018

For the love of Chips and Salsa…(and a good wall sit!)

  • When: 06/18/2018
  • Q: Sike!
  • Pax: Juice, Beehive, SnapChat, Pele, Windy, Jet Setter, Tres

It’s Monday!  The weekends certainly do fly by, which makes getting up on Monday’s that much harder!  But we had EIGHT amazing ladies show up this morning for a workout that kept us moving and left us all quite sweaty! I consumed way too many chips and salsa yesterday so you ladies were gracious enough to help me work all of those off!

Here is what went down!

After a quick warm up to loosen up our joints that included leg swings, hip openers, rotating ankles and arm circles we headed across the street to Winthrop’s campus.

Lined up for a Indian Run, headed left toward Heritage Lane.

At the bottom of Heritage Lane we did “5’s” (instead of 11’s)
At the bottom we started with 4 burpees, at the top 1 inch worm.  Running up and down the hill until we got the to opposite end of that with 4 inch worms and 1 burpee.

From there it was quick jog over to the picnic tables for a 1 min wall sit, 20 tricep dips in cadence, and 20 incline pushups in cadence.

Then it was onto the stairs at scholars walk.  We partnered up for 3 rounds of step ups and stairs.  One partner would run the stairs and the other would do step ups until they got back and switched off.  Each partner was to complete 3 sets of step ups and climb the stairs 3 times as well.

Then it was back to the picnic tables for another 1 min wall sit, 20 tricep dips and 20 incline pushups.

We went back to the hill on Heritage Lane to do another round of “5’s” (or as much as we could with the time allowed).  This time we did 4 inch worms at the top and 1 burpee at the bottom, and continued…

We finished the workout with a SLOW Indian Run back to the parking lot the same way we came!

You ladies rocked this work out!  We definitely didn’t take many breathers and you were awesome!  WAY TO GO!!

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