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December 28, 2017
12 days of Christmas, Take 2…
December 29, 2017

Flying Squirrels and Burpee Broad Jumps

  • When: 12/29/2017
  • Q: Sike!
  • Pax: Jazzy, Catch, Juice, Libero

I am not sure where I got that there were 6 of us this morning, I must have added one of us twice!  So, we were 5 strong, but you get extra credit when the temperature falls below your age and you still show up!  You learn a lot about people when you gather in a circle outside of Moe’s at 5:15 a.m. in some winter chilly weather!  Catch I can honestly say I never knew anyone that had a pet squirrel while growing up!  I was thinking about it on the way home, I feel like those burpee broad jumps were a good way to honor that squirrel!

Here is what went down:

A quick warm up (1 min of each exercise): run in place, march in place, jumping jacks, butt kickers,lunges, squats, arm circles, and hip circles

A jog over to TJ Max.  We did 2 different rounds, 15 mins each.  You would repeat the round as many times as you could at your own pace during this 15 minutes.

Round 1:
Burpee Broad Jump to 1st island of trees and back
20: LBC’s, Leg Lifts and Hip Bridges
Jog to 2nd island of trees and back

Round 2:
Lunge forward to 1st island of trees and lunge backwards back
20: Plank Punches, Overhead Presses, Robot Arms
Jog to 2nd island of trees and back

And we finished right at 6:00 a.m.  So we circled up there and headed home!  Thanks for coming out in the cold ladies!

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