Portside Launches with Dora
August 15, 2017
Eagle’s Nest Preblast
August 15, 2017

Fit Test At Cyclone

  • When: 08/15/2017
  • Q: Freestyle and Nuture
  • Pax: Hootie,Belle,birdie,powder puff,premium,Wolfpack,Nashville,lucky mama,overtime,sleuth,chatterbox,handy manny,DoubleG,beach peach, hops,crowd control,and our fngs,Elizabeth now Trekker, and Kim now Sunshine

20 pax including two fngs showed up to sweat and challenge themselves and start the new school year with a test

We started off in parking lot with disclaimer and warm ups

arm circles front and back

shoulder shrugs

Lunges with arm rows


we moseyed to behind the bleachers and started the fit test

1 mile run on track.   Freestyle timed each person who wrote their time on their index card

one minute of the following with each pax recording her own number:

sit ups



we then saw how long we could hold plank  and recorded those times

then we saw how long we could wall sit and recorded those times


name o Rama

and short devo on looking for unexpected answers to prayer and

Nuture prayed us out into the world





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