Backblast for the end of 2017
January 1, 2018
Junkyard Dawgs
January 1, 2018

  • When: 01/01/2018
  • Q: Switchback
  • Pax: Crunch, Mousy, Hooks, Bruiser, Buster, Summit

7PAX @ #TheCourt to start off 2018!!
It was really really cold so we kept moving to warm up and stay warm!

Warm-up:  Head Roll       5SC L/R               Big Arm Circles                 10SC F/B
Torso Twist                          5SC                      OH Side Reach Pulse        5IC L/R
TTT (through the tunnels) 10IC

The Thang:  Bruce Lee:  20SC each
Bicycles                       Leg Raise                    Heel Touch                Russian Twist
Reverse Crunch        Cross Toe Tap           Heels 2 Heaven        Flutter Kicks

Super Stars                          20IC *step up, knee to opposite elbow*
Bent Over Rows                 15IC
Plank Tap                            15IC
Bridge Combo                    10IC each *Together / L Leg / R Leg / LoveAlls*

Bruce Lee:  20SC each
Table Top Crunch    Pretzel Crunch R      Pretzel Crunch L       Scissor Kicks
Dollys                          Oblique Crunch R    Oblique Crunch L     Supermans

Bicep Curls                          15IC *block resting on forearms*
Tricep Dips                          15IC
Up and Overs                      15IC
CrockPot Squat                  15IC *holding block in middle*

Can’t Hold Us               20 Jump Jack                        10 Prison Squat
20 Russan Twst                20 Crunches                         10 Jump Squat
20 Superman                   20 High Donkeys                  20 Calf&Arm Raise
20 Fire Hydrants             20 Hillbillies

Cool Down:  Few minutes of various stretches.
6PAX for CofFiAteria after!!

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