AMRAP Beatdown
June 23, 2018
It’s all fun and games
June 23, 2018

FiAtastic Saturday Sweatin’ Like a Pig

  • When: 06/23/2018
  • Q: Megaphone
  • Pax: Steele, Hot Pants, Beastie, Deer Mistress, Queso, Triple Crown, Lighthouse, Cabbie, Lederhosen, Dunfey, The U, Black Sheep, Aussie, Megaphone and FNGs- Carrie (Ariel), Kristen (Whoopie), Diana (Slice)


Today was an awesome turnout with 17 girls and 3 FNGs!! I am so glad I got to be there, and it was good to see lots of faces. There is not a better way to start the day AND the sun wasn’t too hot yet so that was a double bonus! Here is how the workout went down…

Warm Up

Slow butt kickers

tin soldiers

cherry pickers

inch worm push ups

Then we ran to the roped off lot and traveled around the rectangle and did a different exercise on each side. We went around 3 times doing each exercise.

side 1: walking lunges (right side only), Bear crawl, side squats (right leg)

side 2: LBCs, Bicycle, Flutter Kicks

Side 3: walking lunges (left), crab walk, side squats (left)

side 4: hold plank until group is done.

Then we ran to the Veterans Lot and did ladder of push ups and arm raises.

1 push up; 4 arm raises

2 push ups; 8 arm raises

3 push ups; 12 arm raises

4 push ups; 16 arm raises

5 push ups; 20 arm raises (and then back down 4..3..2..1)

Ran to the Millstone and did burpees and squats

bottom of stairs we started with one squat, ran up to do 5 burpees, ran back down 2 squats… and continued with that pattern.

Then we ran back to WEP and people chose their adventure (with a hill or without).

At WEP we named our 3 FNGs… A Huge Welcome to Lederhosen’s sisters from NY and New Jersey, Carrie and Kristen and Diana- a true Italian!!

I also want to mention a big prayer request for a preschool kid who drowned in Lake Wylie. I can’t even imagine what the family is going through so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They are going to need them.


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