Christmas Eve Ruck
December 30, 2017
BB Polar Bear Relay
December 30, 2017

FiA Strong and COLD

  • When: 12/29/2017
  • Q: Caliente
  • Pax: Caliente, Yankee, Hooker

We were few but mighty this frigid morning!!  The 20 degree temps did not hold us back!!

Warm up:

10 Butt Kickers IC

10 Toy Soldiers

10 Arm Circles forward and back

The Thang:

1 minute each:

Push ups

High knees



Bicep curls

Mountain Climbers

Donkey Kicks

Side Lunges

Tricep extensions

Front kicks

Upright rows

Plank jacks

Shoulder press

Speed Skaters


Crab toe touches

Plank up downs


Russian Twists

In and outs


Bicycle crunches

Leg Raises

Sit ups


We stretched and rushed to the warmth of our cars as soon as we finished.  We said goodbyes and have a good weekend and forgot all of our formalities.  I feel so blessed to have all of these FiA sisters in my life.  Today was one of those days if these two had not arrived when they did, I would have gone right home and back to my warm bed.  Instead I worked my body and got my day started right!!

Hope you all have a blessed and safe new year!!

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