FiA Spruce Pine celebrates Independence Day ‘Stars and Stripes’ style!

Partner fun at WBY!
July 5, 2017
Freedom Gliders
July 5, 2017

FiA Spruce Pine celebrates Independence Day ‘Stars and Stripes’ style!

  • When: 07/04/2017
  • Q: Thunderstruck
  • Pax: Paparazzi, Scrat, Cyclone, The Strip, Red Rock, Megalodon, Sandy, Happy Camper, Noah, Sara Lee, FNG Haley (Nightingale), FNG Lidia (Ironman), FNG Michelle (Dash)

14 brave women converged to celebrate our nation’s independence with a little Stars and Stripes workout!  Here’s what went down at The Thicket!

WU- Tribute to 7/4/2017:

7 windmills (IC)

4 star jumps

20 firework lunges (lunge back, knee up, leg out to side, repeat) 10 each leg

17 jumping jacks (IC)

mosey to the amphitheater

The Thang:

13’s workout (in lieu of the 11’s to pay tribute to the 13 stripes on the flag)

herpees (hand release burpees) and dips running a hill in between

mosey to the end of the park

Ode to the Grand Ole Flag: alternate between exercises completing either 50 reps (for the 50 stars) or 13 reps (for the 13 stripes).

50 second bear crawl

13 camels while holding rock (Shout Out to Patagonia for the ab and back blasting idea)

50 calf raises

13 beach babe push ups (push up with one knee down and the other leg extended off ground

50 plank jacks

13 tricep kick backs with up and in pulse holding rock (again Shout Out to Patagonia for the tricep burning idea)

50 glute bridges

13 carolina dry docks

50 oblique side bends with rock (25 each side)

13 bicep curls with rock

50 squats

13 superwoman push ups (superman into push up)

50 second crab walk

13 plank up, up, down, downs

Abs Salute to the year the US declared independence 1776

17 star sit ups (legs and arms extended out like a ‘X’)

76 crunches


Reminder of 7/15 FiA girls afternoon out!

Prayer Requests: The Strip’s wedding on Friday, Noah’s neighbor, Ironman’s upcoming travels and boyfriend’s mother.

Welcome FNG’s Ironman, Nightingale, and Dash!!



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