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March 9, 2018
Never Have I Ever…
March 9, 2018

FiA Highland Creek Turns 4!

  • When: 03/09/2018
  • Q: Comet
  • Pax: Tech, Diver, Nola, Robot, Mosey, Gator

Six awesome ladies joined me in the cold to celebrate FOUR YEARS STRONG at Highland Creek. We even had a group of five pre-bootcamp runners! Its hard to believe its been four years since we started this great adventure together but I’m so grateful we did.

We circled up and got started with lots of themed fun!


Four Questions
1. What is the meaning behind your FiA name? (PAX held Boat while we went around the circle)
2. What do you remember most about your first FiA workout? (Hold Plank)
3. What is the most meaningful thing you’ve taken from FiA? (PAX squats and then shifts to lunges and back to Plie squats…we were chatty)
4. What is your favorite FiA exercise? (We did 10 of each: Low Country Crab Boil, Monkey Humpers, Plank Shoulder Taps, Brooke Burkes, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, Rosalitas)


Back to mats for two rounds of 4 Minute AMRAPS:
1 – 4 Jump Squats, 4 Skull Crushers, 44 Jacks
2 – 4 Burpees, 4 Pushups, 44 Monkey Humpers

4 LENGTHS OF PARKING LOT (Run, Side Shuffle, Skip, Grapevine)

“Anniversary Song” by Tony Toni Tone. Do a Burpee every time they sing the word Anniversary (I stopped counting after 35). This song is long and AWFUL…I’m not sure how I every actually liked it:)

And finally we did FOUR BIRTHDAY BURPEES FOR FIA HC. Since the traditional gift for a four year anniversary is fruit and/or flowers, I sent everyone home with some chocolate covered strawberries. Thanks for joining me and Happy Anniversary to my favorite ladies!!

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