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December 18, 2017
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December 18, 2017

FiA “Advent Calendar”

  • When: 12/16/2017
  • Q: Queso
  • Pax: Queen Bee, Hermione, Turkey Trot, Queso

It was another CoLd morning out at the Bee Hive, so we needed a workout to keep us warm!  4 PAX beat the sheets this morning and came out to make themselves better, faster, and stronger with this morning’s beat down!

Warm UpSTRETCHES of all sorts starting with the legs and worked our way up to the arms. It still baffles me how flexible Hermione is!!
-forward bend
-‎legs apart forward bend
-‎walk from one side to the next (x5)
-‎sit & pretzel twist both sides
-‎child pose
-‎stretch abs
-‎arms across chest both sides
-‎arms above head tricep stretch both sides

The ThangAdvent Calendar: FiA Style
We did 5 rounds of 5 different sets of exercises and after each set, took a lap around the circle. We started with doing 25 reps of each exercise, [run], then 24 of each exercise, [run], then 23, etc. We all killed it this morning!!

25 – butterfly crunches, step ups, dumbbell swing
24-butterfly crunches, step ups, dumbbell swing
23-butterfly crunches, step ups, dumbbell swing
22-butterfly crunches, step ups, dumbbell swing
21-butterfly crunches, step ups, dumbbell swing

20- curtsy lunges, box cutter, bent row
19- curtsy lunges, box cutter, bent row
18-curtsy lunges, box cutter, bent row
17-curtsy lunges, box cutter, bent row
16-curtsy lunges, box cutter, bent row

15-donkey kick w/weight, curls, triceps
14-donkey kick w/weight, curls, triceps
13-donkey kick w/weight, curls, triceps
12-donkey kick w/weight, curls, triceps
11-donkey kick w/weight, curls, triceps

10-shoulder press, leg circles, push-ups
9-shoulder press, leg circles, push-ups
8-shoulder press, leg circles, push-ups
7-shoulder press, leg circles, push-ups
6-shoulder press, leg circles, push-ups

5- burpees, jumping lunges, walking plank
4-burpees, jumping lunges, walking plank
3-burpees, jumping lunges, walking plank
2-burpees, jumping lunges, walking plank
1-burpees, jumping lunges, walking plank

We noticed we were running low on time before our last exercise set of burpees, jumping lunges, and walking, so we decided to take the running out between each set and tried to knock out the rest of the exercises before the clock hit 9:00am.  Everyone had somewhere to be today right after our workout, so most of us had to stop 3 rounds short of finishing…frustrating to be so close and not finish!!!  BUT, Hermione took one for the team and kept on trucking until she finished everything up.

I will say, although Turkey Trot is always the fastest runner helping the rest of us push our pace, Queen Bee has gotten noticeably faster during her runs!  It’s amazing how we can notice improvements in each other from just 3 short months ago!  Seeing results is definitely motivation to keep on showing up…especially on these colder days!

COT- December 16th devotional from “Jesus Calling”



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