Friday Fun
June 29, 2018
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June 29, 2018

FIA 400 Friday!

  • When: 06/29/2018
  • Q: Juice
  • Pax: Libero, Bouchee, Jetsetter, Lonestar, Sike, Pacer, Capo


*** 5 minute time is set with the 1 minute break in between. During the “break” the PAX will stop the current exercise and immediately between jumping jacks. The goal is 400 single jacks. ***


10 cherry pickers in cadence

10 windmills in cadence

15 buttkickers in cadence

15 high knees in cadence

15 morrocan night clubs in cadence

15 overhead presses in cadence


Run the lot 2x


Arm circuit

25 arm small circles forward

25 arm small circles backward

40 bicep curls (10 full, 10 bottom half, 10 top half, 10 full)

15 tricep dips in cadence

15 push ups

25 arm big circles

25 arm big circles


Run the lot 2x


Walking weight circuit

alternate between:

Lieutenant Dans

around the worlds

John Cusacks


Run the lot 2 x


Ab circuit

30 crunches

30 russian rwists

25 leg lifts

25 bicycle crunches

20 right side crunches

20 left side crunches


Cool down jog 2x







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