Daytona 500 at Hump Day Hustle
July 11, 2018
Abs and …. Other Assets
July 11, 2018

Feel the Music

  • When: 07/11/2018
  • Q: Splits
  • Pax: Splits, Chiclet, Calesee, Steeler, Forrest, Slugger, Marge

Warm-up (Fame theme song)

Windmills, Star jumps at word ‘Fame’

Workout- Follow each song

  1. Flower- Squats up and down (‘Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down’)
  2. Tub Thumping- Run loop, burpees at ‘I get knocked down’, jumping jacks at trumpet solo
  3. American Saturday Night- Arm circles, tuck jump with overhead clap at each mention of a foreign country
  4. Summer Nights- Side lunges- R for female singing, L for male singing, jumping switch lunges when co-ed singing
  5. Cupid Shuffle- Sit ups/Crunches, right ankle taps at ‘To the right,’ left ankle taps at ‘To the left,’ flutter kicks at ‘Now kick’
  6. Come on Over Baby- Bird dogs, leaning camel during chorus
  7. Footloose- Plank, 2 pushups at ‘Footloose,’ mountain climbers during chorus, 2 pushups at end of chorus ‘Footloose’
  8. Cottoneye Joe- toe taps on curb, curtsy lunges at “Where did you come from”
  9. Beat It- Russian twists & canoe/boat on benches, tricep dips at ‘Beat it’

Devotional- 1 Thess. 5:11- Encourage one another. Are you encouraging instead of discouraging others?

Praise- Chiclet’s neighbor received a kidney transplant.

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