Guaranteed to get sweaty
January 8, 2018
January 8, 2018

  • When: 01/08/2018
  • Q: Switchback
  • Pax: Florence, Hooks

A lot of our roads are closed due to ice still SO we held a Facebook Live Tabatas Workout in our closed group!!  Stated Welcome/Intro/Disclaimer like usual and put link to disclaimer in Video Info.  Here is what we did!

2PAX joined me @ #WhereverYouAre . Several said they would do it later!

Warm-up:  Head Roll                     Shoulder Roll
Torso Twist                                             Knee 2 Chest
OH Side Reach Pulse                            Heel 2 Butt
Toy Soldiers                                             Squat Bender

The Thang:  Use weights (or canned goods).  Do each exercise 30sec, rest 10sec.  Repeat Circuit before moving on to next circuit.

Circuit #1:    Lumberjack L                      Lumberjack R          Chair Squats                      Plank Shoulder Taps

Circuit #2:    Single Leg Deadlifts L       SLD R                        Sparky Crabs                     Curtsy Lunge / Bicep Curl

Circuit #3:     Dolly                                    Heel Taps                 Donkey Kick w/Front Raise  Left/Right

Circuit #4:     Oblique Crunch L         Oblique Crunch R      Squats w/Skull Crushers     Imperial Walkers

Circuit #5:     Flutter Kick/Chest Press  Pretzel Stick L        Pretzel Stick R                     RWD Leg Lift / Lateral Raise

Circuit #6:    Russian Twist Punch        Tilt-A-Whirl             Bridge / Flys                        Sit-Ups

Cool Down:  Deep Lunge Twist L          Deep Lunge Twist R   Triangle Pose L                   Triangle Pose R
Down Dog             Upward(?) Dog         Childs Pose                                                                Pigeon Pose L
Pigeon Pose R       Few more various stretches.

Devotion:  Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments!

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