July 1, 2018
The 4 round Beatdown
July 1, 2018

Fake it until you make it

  • When: 06/30/2018
  • Q: HitchHIker
  • Pax: Sisqo, Ragnar, Transfusion, Corabelle, Filter, Sox, Digger, Paycheck, Ex-con, Crawfish, Cool Runnings, Thumper, SportySpice, Joker, Brady, Stitches, Treble, HitchHiker, 3/4, Fonda, Wimbeldon, Fng Warrior

Warm up: 20 Squat goalies

Neck rolls 10 each side

Windmill front and back 15

Cherry Picker IC 15


16 exercises round 1 1min 15 sec break

round 2 45 sec 10 sec break

round3 30 sec 10 sec break

Arms (4) excersizes

Tricep Dips

Plank Reach Thru

Clapping Push up

Plank Arm lift(to side)


Abs (4) exercises

Reverse Plank w leg raise

Hip twister – plank with twisting hips

Kneeling crabshell

windshield wiper


Booty (4) exercises

Butterfly Bridge

Squat to donkey kick

Plie Squat to oblique crunch

D-Lites -write the letter D while in plank


Legs (4) exercises

Lunges w Pulse

FlowStep- deep lunge into high knee

Curtsy Lunge

Fire Hydrant Kick




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