The Most Exciting 25 seconds of College Football….

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December 4, 2017
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December 4, 2017

The Most Exciting 25 seconds of College Football….

  • When: 12/04/2017
  • Q: Flying Pig
  • Pax: Streaker, Cabbie, Lighthouse, Cindy Lou, Peloton, Snow White, Mittens, Bullseye, Primetime, Megaphone

10 ladies joined me at Starbucks this morning for a running workout. First things first, we took a Running Advent Calendar picture with our shoes in the middle of the circle. #priorities

Then 5 ladies did an out and back run for the Running Advent Calendar, and the other 6 did the “Sutton hill”.

The Thang

-Jog down 160 toward Sutton Rd, and turn left on Sutton Rd at the QT
-Jog to yellow sign at bottom of hill before Market Street
-13 min of pushing pace going up the hill, recover going down the hill
-13 min of pushing pace going down the hill, and recover going up the hill
-Jog back to Starbucks for Name-O-Rama, COT

A couple of notes:
– Peloton got 5 miles in this morning, and many had over 4 miles. Lots of fast hill running!
– Streaker appreciates everyone “streaking” during the month of December with her
– Happy to have Cabbie back with us!
– Flying Pig has decided to wear Clemson running outfit every time Clemson wins in football.
– Lots of people gearing up for Kiawah Half Marathon!

Thought for the day: Common phrase is “The Best Is Yet To Come”. I like to think The Best is happening in front of us right now. Don’t miss out on the daily awesomeness around you looking forward to weekends, vacations, retirement, etc. Prayers for the stress and busyness that comes with the holiday season.

Peace Out,
Flying Pig

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