Backblast — Steele Magnolias
July 11, 2018
Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Abs
July 11, 2018

Eagles Nest BB

  • When: 07/11/2018
  • Q: Gouda
  • Pax: Gouda, Kai Lan, Wonder Woman, Diamond, Bubbles, Peaches, Wilbur, Goldie, Mona Lisa, Shabby Chic

9 lovely PAX came out this morning to start their hump day off right! Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!

Warm up at the school


Run to different areas off campus and repeat the following circuit while changing the variety of exercises during each circuit

10 burpees (variety included cross fit burpees, side jump, with push up)

10 jumping lunges (side lunges, alternating lunges)

1 min plank (shoulder taps, alternating plank, plank with leg raise)

30 mountain climbers IC + 30 mountain climbers with a knee cross IC (variety included in and out jumps)

10 – 29 squats depending on the round (29 for Goudas upcoming 29th birthday 🙁 ) (squat variety including jump, sumo, narrow)


We then did a pyramid to end the work out with a few sprints in between

50 squats

40 heismans

30 mountain climbers

20 single leg hip bridge

10 push ups

Run back to the school and end with some abs!


You have Smurfette to thank for the above workout although I did tweak it a little bit this time to include some more variety! It’s always a for sure sweaty one.


Prayers for everyone this week, thanks for joining me!

XoXo Gouda

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