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July 20, 2018
Waist Not Want Not
July 20, 2018

Dora…on Steroids!

  • When: 07/20/2018
  • Q: Queso
  • Pax: Wonder Woman, Sky Goddess, Foodie, Sparkles, She rah, Dr Pepper, Yogi, Bolt, Extra, Queso

10 PAX posted this morning for a beatdown that would start their weekend off right! (Thanks to Dr Pepper for doing such an awesome job recruiting & starting up this great AO!) We met in the parking lot, we got set up, and we started promptly at 5:30am. Here’s what went down:

THE THANG: A Dora (“On Steroids” according to Extra lol!)

We set our mats and weights on in a row on one side of the parking lot and I set up 6 cones spread out perpendicular in front of us. The idea is to pair up, perform an exercise while your partner runs to the first cone, performs the exercise that’s listed on the cone, then comes back to switch out with the partner continuing the count of the baseline exercise.  I got to partner with Yogi #BestPartnerEver! She plugged away hard at her exercises while I ran to do my cone-work, adding up great numbers in our Dora!

Here’s what we all knocked out:

25 burpees / 10 squats at the first cone

50 tricep extensions / 10 lunges at the second cone

75 push ups / 10 monkey humpers at the third cone

100 mountain climbers / 10 jumping jacks at the fourth cone

125 donkey kicks / 10 high knees at the fifth cone

150 russian twists / 10 [fake] jump ropes at the sixth cone

Wonder Woman lives up to her name…not only in the strength she exudes during out workouts, but the encouragement and uplifting joy she brings to everyone around her. Sky Goddess had stamina, Foodie had great form, She-rah has strength, and Bolt has speed!

Oh, wait, it’s a ladder! 🙂 . Once you made it through from bottom to top, you came back down the list until you got back to your 10 burpees at the end.  As we finished, we did laps around the parking lot until it was COT time.

COT: Giving Up – At one point or another during the workout this morning, you may have thought, “this is it, that’s enough, I’m done”…even when you weren’t done.  You may have thought about giving up (but none of us did!! 💪 ) There are things we need to give up doing, but taking care of our bodies is NOT one that we need to give up on.  “When God asks you to give something up, he’s not trying to take something away. He’s trying to give you something better.” -Joel Olsteen

We went around and talked about what it was that we needed to start giving up…sugar, guilt, gaming, tv time, procrastination, being stubborn, staying up too late, whining (not to be confused with wining bahahaha) …….amongst some other things that we chose to surrender this week.   I charged my FiA sisters to give these things up this week and to pay attention to the good things that come from it.  Truth is, we won’t be giving up anything, we’ll just be getting something better.

If you see Sparkles this week – be sure to wish her a Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! (#TripleRespect!)


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  1. Loved seeing my peeps out on a Friday morning!! New and old friends showed up today to kill it. So much fun!! Thanks Queso !!

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