Muscle burnout
September 21, 2017
Genesis Backblast – Combo Day
September 21, 2017

  • When: 09/21/2017
  • Q: Oorah
  • Pax: Spokes, Keys, Cheesy, Bait, Peacock, Float, Young Scrappy

8 Pax came out on a humid morning to make fun of the passionate complaints people sometimes lodge in the Nextdoor app (No dog poop in trash bins? Well Float didn’t realize some neighbors use their trash bins to eat out of…)

Today’s Stargazers was:

Warm up – Fwd Fold, Mountain Pose, Gate Swing, repeat a few times

Dirty Mac Deuce: 12 CAD of
1. Curtsy Lunges
2. Sumo Squats
3. Fire Hydrants
4x, but we broke it up with intermissions, like:

-Yogi Bicycles (12 CAD)

-Indian Run w/ Lunges (around bath house)

It was during Carousel that we were truly Stargazers – staring up at the sky on our backs while Pax came around pushing our feet down into hover position

Ring of Fire: all Pax planked while one did 20 Russian Twists until all Pax twisted Russian

Cool Down – Sitting Twist, Sitting Fold, etc

Circle of Trust: Sometimes we have emotional toil, and the decisions we make will be emotionally driven. When you’re down you might not feel like exercising or eating well, when you’re up you might feel energized, when you’re sad or distraught you might feel destructive or self-sabotaging.

Stay aware of your state of mind and make decisions for your health and fitness not based in emotion, but as just part of your regular day.

FiA is here for you through all of it – especially on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings 🙂

Oh and also – Next door just told me there is a Water Boil Advisory – DON’T DRINK THE WATER TODAY!

(But still hydrate with bottled/boiled!)





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