Clt Metro: C-Rock PB – Heatin’ Up in the Hotbox
January 1, 2018
Rebel run Pre-Blast
January 1, 2018

Dedicated Badasses

  • When: 01/01/2018
  • Q: Buff
  • Pax: Jeepster,Icecold,Runninghorse

It was a cold start at the Veni Veci Veci and pax came, they saw it was cold but we concord it. Pax worked but unfortunately the speaker did not and soon it was too cold for even the phone. But the pax moved on through the 25* weather.

Warmarama, 10 jax IC, 10 high knees IC, quick run to the tree of life.

The Thang

1950…….19 sit-ups 50 squats

30 second run
1960……..19 sit-ups 60 low slow flutters
30 second run
1970………19 step ups  70 Russian twist
1 minute squat hold
1980……..19 sit-ups 80 mountain climbers
1 minute wallsit
1990…….19 sit ups 90 toe taps
Run to the tree of life
2000……..20 sit-ups 00 recovery time
1 minute squat hold

2010……..20 step ups 10 push ups

2018……..20 sit-ups 18 dying cockroach
Run to the tree of life


Closed  wth wishes for a safe and Happy New Year!

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