My CORE needs some MORE workout!

Post Thanksgiving burn at The Yard
November 27, 2017
Cougar Town BB: Lots of Leg Work
November 27, 2017

My CORE needs some MORE workout!

  • When: 11/27/2017
  • Q: Sunshine
  • Pax: Bloom, McStuffins, Triple Threat, No Pants, Lucky 13, Sunshine, Hot Stones, Rocky, BootScootin, Bandit

Disclaimer and warmup: calf stretch and hip flexor, TTT and butt kickers

Running to corners and lights alternating between set 1 and 2 at each stop:

Set 1:
10 Plank up/downs
10 side plank with leg lift R/L
10 supine bridge with leg lift alternating R/L

Set 2:
10 sloooow bicycles IC
10 supine leg lifts
20 flutters IC

running to Hutchison square.
At the square sprint long sides and alligator crawl (inch worm, lunge) short sides
back at the start 10 merkins, 20 LA bridges, 30 flutters
Rinse and repeat

On run back, follow same path and alternating sets.

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