Conquering our weaknesses with Burpees, Planks & Ladders

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January 10, 2018
Jerribou BB
January 10, 2018

Conquering our weaknesses with Burpees, Planks & Ladders

  • When: 01/10/2018
  • Q: FiAHamm
  • Pax: Mathlete, Terminator 2

Our RESOLUTION at The Station is to conquer our weaknesses.  1. Burpees, to improve our overall fitness levels.  I have partaken in more than a few webinars lately and burpees lay a great foundation for fitness, you become a better runner, a better lifter and have a happier, healthier life.  2. Core strength – not just abs, but total core.  No more back pain, no more flabby baby bellies! 3. Inner thigh’s and lower body in general –  Having a strong lower body not only looks great, it gives you more stamina to get you through the day, but it also makes you mentally tough! Leg days are HARD, so working legs can force you to build your mental endurance and character.

The Warm Up: 

I brought my agility ladder out for a change of pace.

  • 1 foot in each square x 2
  • 2 feet in each with high knees x 2
  • 1 foot in each side shuffle x 2 each direction

The Thang:

Burpee Builder at the Stadium:

  • 15 Push ups
  • Sprint up the stairs
  • 15 1/2 Burpees or Donkey kicks (if you prefer)
  • Side shuffle to other side – switching directions half way
  • 15 Squat jumps
  • Sprint down the stairs
  • 15 Burpees
  • Side shuffle back to the start – switching directions half way.

(We were going to do 2 sets, but Alicia’s Skaters and box jumps from Monday had my legs burning…1 Set only!!)

Stations in a round robin format (each person on a different station to avoid “standing in line”):

  • Sumo Squats with a heel raise at the top x 30
  • Spidermans x 40 (single count)
  • Divebombers x 10
  • Gate swings working your way through the ladder landing in each square.
  • Swimmers (Opp arm/leg) x 40 (single count)
  • Cross Mountain Climbers x 30 (single count)
  • Bent over rows with 25lb Kettlebell x 15
  • Walking push ups back through the ladder.

Repeat for 3 1/2 rounds, give or take.  We did it at our own pace.

Great work ladies!  #BetterTogetherIn2018 #FiAChallenge2018

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