Comit Backblast: Happy 242 Birthday to the US Army

I hope there’s no cardio because I just ate a bag of M&M’s….
June 14, 2017
The Tomb Pre Blast
June 14, 2017

Comit Backblast: Happy 242 Birthday to the US Army

  • When: 06/15/2017
  • Q: Strike
  • Pax: Honeybun, Socialite, Native, Front Runner, Hoops, Splits, Free Range, Thunder, ESPN, Hotlanta, Strike

11  ladies came out to Comet this morning.

Nope, it is not my birthday… Today we paid tribute to the 242th anniversary of the establishment of one of the greatest institutions in our country.

This entire workout was taken directly from the Army’s Physical Readiness Program (PRT)

Preparatory Drills

10 windmills
10 squatbenders
10 bent leg body twist
10 ben and reach
Our Troops (for the day) got into formation and we took a little jog. We called cadence on the way down (Saw an old lady running down the street…)

The Thang

We went to the track for Army PRT movement drills 1 and 2, conditioning drill 1, and most of conditioning drill 3. We used the hill to add a challenge since we would not have time for all the repetitions we needed.

Movement Drill 1
Verticals: This is a high knee jog-we did this up the hill then jogged down (90sec)
Laterals: This is a side shuttle run, we did this up the hill in one direction then jogged down for 45sec then back up in the other direction for another 45sec.
Shuttle sprint: This was a jog to the top and back down (90sec)

Conditioning Drill 1

Power Jumps: This is a squat jump that goes from hands on the ground to a jump.


Mountain Climbers

Leg Tuck and Twist: These are like frog kicks but you bring you knees to the side and back out.

One Legged Push Ups

Movement Drill 2
Power Skip: This is a skip with very high knees- we did this up the hill with a jog down (90sec)
Crossovers: These are the same as karaoke- we did these up and down the hill (45sec each time).
Crouch run: This is a run in a squatting position- we did this up the hill with a jog down (90sec)

Conditioning Drill 3

YSquat: Arms are held in a y position while doing squats

Single Leg Dead Lift

Front Kick with Alternating Toe Touch

Half Squat Laterals: Squat Jumps from a half squat

Frog Jumps Forward and Backward

For the Core, Hip Stability, and Preparatory Drills  (ABS)

Bent Leg Raise: Start lying on you back with your knees bent at a 90° angle, bring your knees to your chest, then down like a leg lift.


Medial Leg Raise: Lye on your hip with your top leg bent at a 90° angle (foot to the ground) and lift the inner leg. (45sec each side)

Bent Leg Body Twist: lye on your back, both knees bent at a 90° angle (in the air) bring both knees to the ground, alternating sides.

Flutter Kicks

The Moleskin
This was a great group. Everyone brought their A game today and made this a fun work out.

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