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September 13, 2017
Two are better than one—FIA–is better together!
September 13, 2017

Comet Backblast- Track time!

  • When: 09/13/2017
  • Q: Marvel
  • Pax: Strike, Splits, Julia Child, Free Range, Hoops, Bewitched, Hotlanta

Today I tried something a little different…response was mixed. LOL. The fearless  FiAS that joined me this morning roughed it out while we made us of the track, without running.  We worked through a quick warm up of 10 IC jacks, butt kickers and cottonpickers, then moved right to the Thang.

the setup was easy, 100 meters of one movement around the track, charging every 100 meters.  Easy, right? Here’s what we dud

0-100m bearcrawls

101-200- lunges

201-300- burpee 2steps ( the 2steps are instead of a broad jump)

301-400- inchworm pushups

we convened at the start for 50 LBC and 25 IC hip bridges.

To the delight of the PAC, time was running short, so they thought our time on the track was done, but I did what all good Qs do, MODIFY!!!! So the second time around the track looked like this:

0-100meters- gorilla crawl

101-200 run

201-300 gorilla crawl other side lead

301-400 run

So mumblechatter was heard that the Comet Master Q may be banning gorilla crawls ( no idea why?)!!

we circled it up, named off and rocked out a quick prayer…

Moleskin: So, this took way longer than I thought it would and was a bit harder, BUT I loved that we were able to talk/complain/ cheer through the whole thing!  But we worked really really hard!  Thank you all for coming out to join me this morning…as always, it’s my honor!


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