Thelma preblast
July 11, 2018
July 11, 2018

Comet Backblast – Split the Gaap

  • When: 07/11/2018
  • Q: Thunder
  • Pax: Hotlanta, Freerange, Journey, Tafiti, Strike, Splits, Triple Crown, Thunder

Today we did my version of Splits’ workout with a medicine ball added in, which is something Gaap has tortured us with in the past. I thought it would be a good combo 😉 I brought a whistle so I could blow it when it was time to switch with the medicine ball but I lost it then found it then lost it again so I just yelled switch instead 😉

Here’s how it went down:

We broke into teams of two, one person did the “walking” exercise while the other person did the stationary exercise, then they switch

Keep trading switching exercises until we made it half way around the soccer field then we switched up the exercises.

First set:

30 jump squats & bearcrawl

Second set:

10 burpees & lunges

And we did abs around the small circle for the last 10 minutes:

inchworms & standing side crunches or j-low

We were all sweating by the end of this workout so I consider it a success, great job ladies & I’ll see you soon!!

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