We Fancy Back Blast – Fourth of July Jump Start!
July 4, 2018
The Murph take 2
July 4, 2018

Comet Backblast: 1776

  • When: 07/04/2018
  • Q: Splits
  • Pax: Atomic, Producer, Gator, Animal, Shred, Yo Adrian, Vegas Baby, Foreman, Thunder, Tefiti, Hotlanta, Squealin' Fern, Diva, Hoops

15 Pax kicked off their 4th of July holiday at Comet this morning. 15!! I’m pretty sure that was a record for Comet. It was a LKN/MIL convergence with lots of red, white, and blue attire. I CANNOT beleieve that I forgot to take a group photo – #fail.
Here’s how it went down…

10IC of each: Butt Kickers, Windmill, High Knees, Toy Soldiers, Crabawalkies

The Thang:
5:00 Thruster Challenge – try to complete 100 DB Thrusters w/in 5 minutes. EMOM complete burpees – the no. of burpees corresponds to the minute. (1 min/1 burpee, 2 min/2 burpees, etc.)

17-76 – Complete 17 reps of the 1st exercise, run down 3 basketball hoops and complete 76 reps of the 2nd exercise, return to start.
1. Push-ups/Stationary Lunges (38 each leg)
2. Squat Jumps, Mountain Climbers (2 is 1)
3. Burpees/Jumping Jacks
4. Bicep Curls/Tricep Dips
5. IC Dry Docks/Glute Bridges
6. Upright Row/Seal Claps
7. Down-Ups/Runners (76 each leg)
8. Overhead Ext./In-outs (count each movement)
9. WWII Sit-ups/Plank Jacks (count each movement)

We ran out of time for abs but the in/outs covered it well enough I think.

I tried to bring a challenging workout for everyone and I think I delivered. There was some cursing and some needed modifications but there was also encouragement and persistence. Great job pax! We definitely earned a big breakfast or an extra beer at the cookout- or both:)
It was so great to have MIL with us this morning. Thank you all for making the trip to Comet.
I’m always greatful for my FiA mornings!
Happy 4th of July!!

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