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January 2, 2018
Eagles Nest Pre-Blast: staying warm
January 2, 2018

Cold as Ice (and what it taught me)

  • When: 01/02/2018
  • Q: Belle
  • Pax: Taxi

When I woke up to 16 degree temps with a wind chill of 7, I just knew I would be the only person who posted this AM.  If I had not been the Q, would I have chosen to stay in bed?  I absolutely HATE cold weather, so its a likely “yes”.  But when you have the Q, you Q.  And I didn’t hesitate to get out there.  Not for one second.

Teaching Moment One:  FiA creates leaders.  And leaders show up, no matter what.   I am so grateful for all of the women who show up every single week to promote healthy bodies, minds, and hearts.  The amount of dedication from our FiA Qs is outstanding…especially when you consider that we are all volunteers.

At 5:15, Taxi pulled into the parking lot.  She admitted that she had no desire to get out bed this morning, but she didn’t want me to be there alone.

Teaching Moment Two:  FiA creates a sisterhood.  Seriously, those I consider to be my BFFs, don’t get up to come work out with me on a nice day. But Taxi showed up, in freezing weather, because she wanted to show her support.  If my tear ducts hadn’t been frozen solid, I may have shed a tear or two ;).

It was SO cold, so we decided to do the only thing we could do.  We ran.  I asked her to go slow, but I was still booking it to keep up with her pace.  She had on 2 pairs of tights, 3 upper layers, a hat, and gloves.  I had on one pair of tights, 4 upper layers (including a thermal insulated top), a hat, and gloves.

Teaching Moment Three:  Layers are CRUCIAL.  Once we started moving, it wasn’t too bad. But, we need better gloves.  Our hands were the one thing that didn’t ever warm up.

After we made the turn, the wind kicked in.  It was BRUTAL.

Teaching Moment Four:  All the layers in the world don’t protect against the wind.

We almost quit after the first lap, but we were already out there and had made it once, so we figured we had better make it worth it.  Another round we went.

Teaching Moment Five:  Your mind is a powerful weapon.  If you let it tell you that you can’t, then you won’t.

After hitting the wind a second time, we began to get concerned for frostbite.

Teaching Moment Six:  Don’t confuse dedication with stupidity.  If you think you are putting your health and your safety at risk, its time to back down.  Its not worth it.

We took a picture to confirm how crazy we were and headed home to defrost.  I am beyond grateful to have spent this morning with you, Taxi.  Looking forward to sharing more crazy moments with you and hope to bring some others along next time.

Stay tuned for updates on Thursday’s #portside workout.  Be sure to check Slack and the FB page for updates from Chowda on other AOs and our inclement weather policy.  Stay warm, FiAs and I’ll see you all soon!

PS.  Im going to try and use a song title for all of my 2018 backblasts.  This one is a Foreigner classic 🙂

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