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September 13, 2017
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September 13, 2017

Climb that ladder!

  • When: 09/02/2017
  • Q: Freebird
  • Pax: Monarch, Allstar, Megaladon, Wanderlust, Pioneer woman, Thunderstruck, FNG (Ashley)

8 PAX, including 1 FNG, gathered together on a cold and rainy morning for a workout full of climbing “ladders”.  Here’s what went down:

WU: light jogging to get to our 1st station.

Ladders: Ladders consist of climbing reps (1-10) and descending reps (10-1)

Pulsing pull ups- At the top of the pull up pulse for 1 then down, up pulse for 2 down, pulse for 3 down, pulse for 4 down, etc. to 10th rep.  Then descend starting with 10 pulses.

Jog to next station, picking up a rock to use as a weight on the way

Pulsing squats holding rock- ladder

Calf raises w/rock- ladder

1 minute step ups

Push up- ladder

1 minute step ups

curls w/rock- ladder

dips- ladder

1 minute step ups

Burpee w/plank jack- burpees we did a little different and laddered up to 5.  The number rep is how many plank jacks. I.E. Round 1: 1 burpee w/1 plank jack; Round 2: 1 burpee w/2 plank jacks, 1 burpee w/2 plank jack; Round 3: 1 burpee w/3 plank jacks, 1 burpee w/3 plank jacks, 1 burpee w/3 plank jacks.  etc….up to round 5, then descend starting with 5 burpees

1 minute step ups

pulsing bridges-ladder

pulsing donkey kicks each leg-ladder

1 minute step ups

pulsing crunches-ladder

pulsing heels to heaven-ladder

1 minute step ups


Welcome FNG Ashley aka Roan

Prayer request: Family of local boy, new mommies in our group, Monarch’s marathon training, Blue Ridge Relay




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