July 10, 2017
AirRaid BB: 7/11
July 10, 2017

Circuit-Go-Round….and Around!

  • When: 07/08/2017
  • Q: Thunderstruck
  • Pax: Noah, Free Bird, Sara Lee, Bear Grylls, Spirit Fingers, Punk, Wanderlust, Home Run, Frenchy, Songbird, Anchorman, Eagle, Magnolia, Megalodon, Red Rock, Hiker, Miss. Congeniality, Pioneer Woman, FNG (Joy) The Guardian, FNG (Kylie) Allstar

21 PAX, including 2 FNG’s, joined together at The Thicket to muscle through the rotating circuit!  Here’s what went down:

WU- Magnolia stepped up to lead a fun game of toilet tag to get everyone moving and grooving!

The Thang:

There were 10 circuits with two (and one group of three) PAX at each station.  Each circuit was completed while one group ran across the field and back.  We rotated through all ten stations two times.  Stations were:


High Knees

Super Squrpee (squat, burpee down to superman, back to squat)


Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Skull Crushers with 10lb weight

Jump Lunges

Inchworm Push Ups

Curtsy Lunge with Side Kick


Abs: Same as above with abs exercises.  10 stations with ab exercises.  First round was timed for 1 minute each.  Second round was timed 45 seconds each.  Stations were:

Windshield wipers with reverse crunch

Right Side Plank

Left Side Plank

Big Girl Sit Ups

Toe Touch Crunches

Side Bends with weight

Rope Climb (laying on back)

X’s and O’s

Pike Plank



Welcome 2 FNG’s Joy aka The Guardian and Kylie aka Allstar!!

Prayer requests: VBS at White Oak and Silvers Chapel.  Prayers as Noah and Spirit Fingers serve at VBS.  Punk starts grad school.  Home Run and family with hard week.  The Guardian;s husband who is serving in the military.  Bear Grylls pregnancy (also a praise!!  We are excited for Cub Grylls)

Praise reports: Noah and Bear Grylls snake scare- crisis adverted.  Filipino family, friends of Free Bird, are almost to financial goal to build church.

Announcements:  The 7/15 workout will be moved to Harris Middle School due to BBQ festival in park.

7/15, 2-4pm SP FiA trip to Linville Falls Winery


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