Oops We Murphed Again!
June 27, 2018
Swinging good time
June 28, 2018

Circle Time!

  • When: 06/20/2018
  • Q: Hermione
  • Pax: Grey Towers, Titanium, Hermione

Sooooooo…I kind of forgot this backblast.  Whoops!  It’s only a week late, but better late than never right?  Yes? No? Well, here it goes anyways.

3 PAX gathered on this lovely morning for an AMRAPin good time.  We took a little tour of Wills and worked all those main muscle groups.

The Thang

5:00 minute AMRAP ARMS

10 reps Swerkins (push ups with feet in a swing)

20 reps Ring Rows using playground rings

20 reps Dips from the bench

20 reps Shoulder Presses with weight

5:00 minute AMRAP LEGS

10 reps box jumps

20 reps plank hops

20 reps squats with side kick

20 reps lunges with front kick

5:00 minute AMRAP ABS

20 reps Down dog split knees ups

20 reps Side plank toe touches

20 reps side V crunches

20 reps jumping side crunches

We completed each round twice.  Titanium never ceases to amaze with her control of her movements – especially her abs.  Grey Towers is getting better and better with every workout and her leg work is top notch.  It was great to spend the morning with these ladies!


“Each time women gather in circles with each other the world heals a little more.” I stole this photo from another FiA group because I just thought it was so great and appropriate for us!  It is also so true.  When we gather, we all heal a little bit more and then go out in to the world to do the same for others.

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