Pick(nic) a Table Full Body Workout
July 1, 2018
Red, White & Booty
July 2, 2018

Century Club

  • When: 07/01/2018
  • Q: Scalpel and Mama Moose
  • Pax: Anchor, Forest, Geo, Gracie, Angel, Gypsy, Holy Toledo, Taz, Das Boot, Ruby, Talks A Lot, Pretty Penny, Busy Bea, Tie Dye, Sassy Pants

Cheers to all of the 17 pax that came out for sun, smiles and sweat…and are now members of the Century Club!!! We did active stretching, 100 reps with a sprint as partners and ended with a group Plank High 5 count.

Warm UP – Jumping Jacks – with squat touch & a walk out to plank
-Plank shoulder touches
-3 sec plank down to 3 sec backbow – repeat
-Shoulder mobility: arms out with shoulder rotations
-Squat – Swaying Lunges
-Lateral jump frogs to bear
Century Club (both sides =1) RING BETTY THE BELL
Peter Parker Plank
Donkey Kicks
Lateral lunge w/ bicep curl
Plank Hip Dips
Glute Bridge w/kick out (hold weight on hips)
Burpees with jump over mat
Bird Dog (leg and opp arm lift)
Squats w/weighted swing (kettlebell swings)
Windshield Wiper abs
Alt Runners lunge w/arm raise
Crunches – style of choice
Curtsy lunge w/hop & arms straight up, holding weight overhead
High 5 Plank challenge w/partners 318 for the group!
Stretch/Cooldown – Quad stretch, calf stretch, shoulder stretch — with Nikki Clark and 5 others.

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