Movin’ to the Music
July 3, 2018
We Fancy Back Blast – Fourth of July Jump Start!
July 4, 2018

Celebrating the Freedom to Exercise – July 4th @ The Block in Hickory

  • When: 07/04/2018
  • Q: Sister Wife
  • Pax: Thunder Road and Lilo

3 Pax woke up early on their day off to celebrate the Freedom to Exercise!! The theme was (as you can imagine) the 4th of July. It was an ER day, so after a mosey to the parking deck, we had some Patriotic station stops:

Station 1: “The Flag” was 50 star jacks in honor of our 50 states.

Station 2: “RED” was 13 @ in honor of the 13 original colonies of Reverse crunches, Elbow to knee, and Dips (triceps).

Station 3: “WHITE” was 17@ of Windshield wipers, High knees, Inch worm push-ups (modify with plank), Toe reaches, Elbow to knee again (“e” exercises are hard to come by).

Station 4: You guessed it – “BLUE” was 19@ (for a total of 76 exercises) of Bridges, Lunges, Upside-down push-ups (aka Carolina dry docks), and an elbow plank.

Super leisurely mosey back to the cars.

We finished by thanking our troops who have sacrificed and continue to protect our freedom, and for the Founding Fathers and their belief in democracy and the bravery to stand up for something they truly believed in.

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